Ghost Video – Real or Fake?

Take a look at the following filmed at my local coffee shop, Charles’ Lil Shop of Coffee.

Is it real or is it fake?

Yeah, it’s fake as hell.  It didn’t really take 4 hours of shooting; actually it took less than 1 minute.

I shot about 30 seconds of footage, then had my daughter stand there for a few seconds, took the footage into my video editor and imposed the footage with her as a transparency over the empty footage, added some fade effects, converted to black and white to give it the look of IR,  and voila!  Instant fake ghost footage.

Why did I do this?  Simple.  It’s to show how easy it is to fake ghost footage.  When you see something like this take it with a grain of salt.

I’m not saying that every piece of footage out there of ghosts is faked; but a lot of it is, and a lot of it use far more sophisticated software than I have access to; so that stuff looks REALLY legitimate!

All I can say is.. Keep Hunting!

Baby Monitor

This tale comes from Dave from Melbourne, Florida:


When my son was 2 or 3 years old, the wife and I were sleeping in the bed.  My son started crying so I went in there to comfort him.  He wanted to sleep in the bed with the wife and I, so to the bed we went.  About thirty minutes later he was sound asleep between my wife and I.  A bit later I was woken up to the sound of whispers.  I thought my son had woken up again, but the sound was coming from my bed side table.  It was the baby monitor.  The other half of it was in my son’s room.

My wife was still sound asleep so I knew what I was hearing was not coming from her.  It went on for about 3 minutes, but it sounded like a woman crying, sobbing.  No words, just soft cries.  I went in there, baseball bat in hand, turned on the light and said “who’s there?”.  There was no answer, just the single red light looking at me from the baby monitor.

When I got back to my bedroom my wife was sitting up in bed.  She asked me who I was talking to.  I explained to her what I had heard and she then told me that right after I asked “who’s there?” she said a woman’s voice said “I am, but I can’t see you.”

Needless to say we did not go back to sleep that night.

Ghost of Fire

This photo was taken in November of 2010.  I was taking random photos of a burn barrel out back behind the house.  Is this a Ghost of Fire or just a photo view of anthropomorphism? : What is it?

Years ago, I was probably about 8 or 9 years old, I experienced something strange.  I was in the bathroom going about my business, the door was slightly open.  Mom and dad were asleep, the dog was outside.  I turned towards the door, could not see the other side of it, but on my side I saw the door knob turn slowly.  It turned to the left, then turned to the right, then back again.  The hairs on the back of my neck and arms all stood at attention.  I pulled the door open but no one was there.  It’s about 30 years later now and I can still recall that “event” if you want to call it that.

I never did dismiss it as a ghost or a haunting, I fully admit that I never saw the other side of that door.  With that said, however, it was pretty weird.  I think that’s why it’s stuck with me all these years.

I’ve heard tales from others about their encounters with the ghostly, and some of them have sent chills running up my spine.  But is that sensation just my own mind going crazy with a fictional idea (ghosts) ?  Or is there something to this?

That’s what we at are wanting to know.  Like the X-Files UFO poster on Fox Mulder’s office wall, we want to believe.  We also don’t exactly trust every story we hear.  No, I’m not saying that of the stories we have heard that they have been flat out lies, but we also admit that we don’t have all of the facts to be able to explain them either.  Perhaps that EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) caught was nothing more than electronic interference.  Perhaps that K2 Meter reading was nothing more than an electrical surge moving through the wire in the wall.  But perhaps it is more.  Perhaps it is something on the other side of that door trying to make contact.  Perhaps.

So with that, is here to help see what else is out there.  Come with us as we go on our journey into the chilling world of ghosts, paranormal, and things that go bump in the night!